Where is the manual?

Driving lessons? Check.

Cooking Classes? Great idea.

Parenting course? Yes please!

Course for parents of tweens / teens

The teenage years can be a minefield. As parents, we need to learn to be a boundary, not a bulldozer. Our course begins by strengthening your connection with your tween/teen, and their connection to the values you want to foster. It addresses the critically important area of emotional regulation (for you and them) and provides skills for you to reframe the rules as your child moves toward independence.

Modern neuroscience offers brand new insights into why tweens and teens behave as they do. Our course uses this research coupled with cutting edge advice on behavioural change and human motivation to help you guide your adolescent through these highly formative years.

The course, run via Zoom, is very interactive. We use videos, exercises and a substantial worksheet for each class to enhance your learning. Students then bring their questions about applying the skills to kick off each session. You are also given homework filled with exercises to bring the skills alive where you need them, at home with your budding adults!

We will be running at least one Autumn course for parents of Tweens/Teens.  Most likely Tuesdays 7:30 am – 9:00pm, UK time.

  • 24 Sept., 1, 8 and 15 October
  • 2-week half term break
  • 5 November

Prices: £350 (First time Student) or £200 (Returning Student)

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What is included in the course

The course consists of five 90-minute sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Purposeful Parenting – understanding the Teenage brain, and using Descriptive “Appreciation” to foster great values and better behaviour
  • Fostering Emotional Intelligence – understanding and managing emotions
  • Parenting with Purpose not Power – keeping calm to become an authoritative parent
  • The Road Map for a Happy House – rules, rewards and real conversations
  • Positive Discipline – what to do when things go ‘wrong’

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