Where is the manual?

Driving lessons? Check.

Cooking Classes? Great idea.

Parenting course? Yes please!

Courses for parents of under 10’s

Home life with young children can be intensely challenging. “Why won’t they just do as I say?” “Why are they always fighting?” “What’s wrong with my child?!” “What’s wrong with me?!!”

We start out as parents with high hopes and good intentions, but almost no training. No wonder we can’t answer the tough questions. Taking the Parenting with Purpose Course helps you find the answers to these challenges and many others.

Our course is based on cutting edge research in child development, behavioural change and human motivation. The course, run via Zoom, is highly interactive. We use videos, exercises and a substantial worksheet for each class to enhance your learning. Questions that arise for any student during the week become an interactive part of the course. Students are also given homework filled with exercises to bring the skills alive where you need them, at home with your children.  You will be sent a 60 page workbook to print and use.

We are offering two Spring 2024 five-session courses via Zoom

Monday Evening, 7:30 – 9:00pm, UK time

  • 29 April, 6, 13, and 20 May
  • one-week half term break
  • 3 June

Tuesday mid-day, 10:30 – noon, UK time

  • 30 April, 7, 14 and 21 May
  • one-week half term break
  • 4 June

Prices: £350 (First time Student) or £200 (Returning Student). Bursaries available.

Book Now – please specify which course when you give us your child(rens) name(s)

What is included in the course

The course consists of five 90-minute sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Purposeful Parenting – using Descriptive “Praise” to foster great values and better behaviour
  • Fostering Emotional Intelligence – understanding and managing emotions
  • Parenting with Purpose not Power – keeping calm to become an authoritative parent
  • The Road Map of a Happy House – rules and rewards
  • Positive Discipline – what to do when things go ‘wrong’

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