Where is the manual?

Driving lessons? Check.

Cooking Classes? Great idea.

Parenting courses? Yes, please!

We don’t teach Positive Parenting because it’s nice. We teach it because it works.

Parenting with Purpose offers two courses, one for parents of children under 10, and one for parents of tweens/teens. Both courses help you refine and change your own habits of response so that you can build good habits in your children. As modern parents, we can access evidenced-based approaches to raise our children that simply weren’t available for previous generations. The course will give you concrete, practical skills to meet everyday challenges so you can turn your excellent intentions into real, long-term results.

Team taught by Sue and Raphaelle, each class is 90 minutes via Zoom. The classes are highly interactive using videos, in-class exercises, and worksheets to help you understand, and most importantly, learn to use the skills. Following each class, you will have the opportunity to practice the skills at home supported by take-home exercises and easily accessible digital resources.


Course for parents of under 10’s

Discover how to stay calmer and be more effective.

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Course for parents of tweens / teens

Learn how to foster connection and harmony during these turbulent times.

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Work one on one

Personalised sessions tailor made for your needs.

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