Why take the course?

Why take a Parenting with Purpose course?

We’ll let our graduates explain…

Younger Children Testimonials

“This an Ivy League-quality parenting course, very professionally delivered on Zoom to make it incredibly efficient for the participants. The content comes with plenty of examples while being founded on the most advanced academic theories. It challenges how we instinctively behave with children (and sometimes with other adults too!). We found it incredibly useful and have learnt a lot.
Before the course, people often said what ‘great parent’s we were. It turns out we “didn’t know what we didn’t know”. Now, we are significantly more effective. This course celebrated our great intentions, helped us lock in the effective things we were doing, but also gave us MANY new skills. Skills we will use for the rest of our lives and which our daughters will thank us for.

Matteo B. and Giulia R. di T

Parents of 2 young girls
London and Milan


“I feel more like the parent I know I can be (and imagined I would be) more of the time. My kids are calmer and happier.”

Sabrina W.

Mother of 7 and 4 year old
San Franciso


“The course has quite honestly been life changing for me. In every aspect because it has taught me more about myself, my ways and habits (which have been instilled in me ever since i can remember, through my own upbringing) and that introspection has led to breaking the chain of misguided parenting. My husband started by not wanting to be involved, to seeing the impact it has had by the end of week 1, so for the remainder 5 weeks he sat out of shot (listening intently, taking notes and working together to apply it all subsequently). I feel like i have gained a tool belt, which arms me with the right tool to confidently apply to any situation. I feel much more in control and i look forward (dare i say) to challenging situations because i am curious about applying those tools to break it down and see where it goes. when it is successful, the boost to my confidence and to my relationship with my children is incredible.
The delivery is so eloquent and honest. I also think the application and use of zoom is quite incredible.

Aya H. (and partner)

Parents of two young boys


“The Parenting with Purpose course has been invaluable for our family! Both my husband and I took classes with Sue over two years ago at Stanford and we still implement her techniques daily. The course has empowered me to be the kind of parent I truly want to be, instilling values and confidence in my kids, and making the day to day operations run more smoothly. Parenting with Purpose is a must have in every parent’s tool belt. Sue is a fantastic teacher; she makes the information so accessible and gives plenty of encouragement and descriptive praise along the way. This is a truly life changing course, I cannot recommend it highly enough! SO much so, that I took it again this year!”

Kate D.

Mother to 5 year old boy and a 5 month old
Washington, DC


“Incredible – so very informative and the sessions are fascinating.”

Louise P.

Mother to a 7 year old boy


“Sue is a modern-day Mary Poppins. She’s a bona fide child (and parent!) whisperer who will fundamentally change your perspective on parenting for the better. Her lessons, backed by the latest and best child psychology research, will illuminate ways to morph moments of family tension into opportunities for cooperative progress. I can’t recommend the class enough.”

Emma (and her partner)

Mother of 3 year old daughter and baby boy


“It seems so crazy to become a parent without learning the tools on how to be a good role model/guide to your children so thank you both so much for the opportunity to take this life changing class! I have learnt so much on how to become a better parent! I loved that the classes were so interactive and that you made everyone participate (no room to hide but this was good :)) I felt that you both were closely monitoring our progress which was super motivating. The course was very well crafted and simple to follow. I loved that you used so many examples to illustrate the theories, many of which were based on your own life experiences as a mothers. Last but not least, I also really enjoyed being able to watch the recording of the classes when unable to attend live that way I never really missed a class. I also really really loved your energy Sue and Raphaëlle! I am excited to be able to take the class again in September. THANK YOU”


Mother of 2 ½ year old daughter
New York.


“This course was life changing in our family. My daughter’s behaviour improved a lot in all ways. She looks calmer and we can truly connect with each other. The homework encouraged me to really practice in real life.
I thought the Zoom format was great – a nice mix of slides/screen sharing and letting us see faces/emotions when really trying to convey or connect on something.”

Sabrina and Ben

Parents to a 3 year old girl

Teenagers Testimonials

“There is not a day I do not think about all you taught me!!! It is literally LIFE CHANGING. My connection with one of my children has been revolutionized. Raphaelle and Sue are both excellent coaches. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the classes thoroughly. Thank you!


Mother of 11, 9 and 7 year olds


“The positive, real and non-judgemental attitude of both Raphaelle and Sue is palpable, and refreshing. This lean in approach encourages us to improve as a parent, unafraid of making mistakes. ”


Mother of 14, 13, 10 and 6 year olds
New York City


“You have no idea how helpful these past few weeks have been for me. There are these moments of pure bliss I am having with my kids where they turn around and say “Thanks for doing that mom, thanks for listening to me Mom… thank you for making this fun for me Mom…”. I mean – unreal!!! I am no longer ‘sweating the small things’ and seeing life more clearly from their perspective, which is so helpful. You are miracle workers!

Dalit H.

Mother to an 11 year old boy, and 5 year old girl


“The Parenting with Purpose course has shifted my focus entirely. At first it was an intellectual understanding of behaviour, triggers and above all focus. Phase 2 was the practical application of those notions. The course provides a step-by-step roadmap with practical scenarios, concrete solutions, and the all-important emotion coaching that allows you to acknowledge and manage both your feelings and those of your children. But the real aha moment was when this practical (backed by evidence-led rationale) advice elicited such a different behaviour in my children. Like putting a foot in a door to prevent it closing, you slowly crack open the mutual universe of self-respect, confidence, thoughtfulness and motivation. The good news is that the crack widens a tiny bit every day, and new habit take over. It is enormously powerful, life affirming and transformational. ”


Mother of 13-year-old boy, and two younger boys


“The course has had a very big impact on me; particularly on changing my mindset to observe everything that is going right rather than wrong. It is too early to say what the impact is on my teens but I believe I now have tools to support them better. Thank you so much for sharing your life experience with us. This is a real gift. I will try to implement the learning in my day to day, not just with the children but in all my relationships.”

Mother of twin 13-year-olds


“The course gave me habits of responses, a tool kit to react better to all situations that can come up while bringing up teenagers. Mostly, also, it gave me peace of mind as Sue always had amazing suggestions and my challenges felt much easier to face.”

Mother of 15-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl


“Every respondent from the 2020-21 courses said that they would “highly recommend the course to friends”. With regard to the Zoom format, one student said ’I think it is brilliant, you can truly engage us for an hour and a half, which is remarkable.” Another simply said “It was perfect”